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Button LED Colour — Red

The Navardi Tuned WIFI ENET Dongle is the first of its kind to be packaged into a small form factor and it includes a LED On/Off Latching Button, is extremely space efficient and has great WIFI functionality!

We saw the importance to deliver a product to the market that was both small, functional and user friendly. Current offerings on the market are quite bulky, do not include an easy way to turn the device off (or even an "on" light to tell you its on!)

Our WIFI ENET Dongle can be used on any ENET compatible app/program & device, this includes but not limited to:

  • Bootmod3
  • MHD
  • XHP
  • Esys
  • ISTA
  • BimmerCode
  • Protool
  • MGFlasher
  • Windows/Mac Computer
  • iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad
  • Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Pixel 5, OnePlus etc.

Our WIFI ENET Dongle includes the following:

  • Custom ABS enclosure.
  • 802.11n wireless radio.
  • Choice of Red, White, Blue LED Latching On/Off Buttons.
  • Small form factor of just 52mm x 28mm x 28mm (not including the OBD Connector)
  • 5W power draw under load, 2-3W idle.

What is Wireless mode? 

In this mode the device will broadcast a wireless network for you to connect to, this mode is great for computers where they can manage an active internet connection & a connection to our device without any interruption (using this mode on mobile phone would require you to disable mobile/cellular data and run some flashing applications in there respective "offline" mode due to limitations with the way android and iOS operate).

Please refer to our Wiki for device firmware updates, default credential information and basic user manual: Device Instructions & Wiki

Please Note: "Hot Spot" Functionality was discontinued in AUG 2022 due to incompatibilities with the latest Android and iOS operating systems. Its unlikely to change with the way these operating system manufactures are going.

Important note to customers from Singapore: 
Please purchase through our local dealer, Wheels Motoring LLP contact information below:

Contact email:

Contact Phone: +6582562607

Warranty 1 year from purchase date, refunds and returns subject to our current policies.



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    BMW N20 PWG
    BMW Tuning
    Bootmod3 Custom Tune
    BMW F series
    BMW F20 N20

    I’ve met Harry from Navardi a couple off months ago and from that everything went straight upwards. He helped me out with different questions on my n20 engine with lower compression pistons.

    Salem, Belgium

    Awesome experience, Harrison’s work is remarkable. He did a wonderful job on BM3 custom tuning for my wagon F31 N20. Has excellent recommendations and resources. Without any doubts, eyes closed in trust any tune.

    Billy, Canada

    Harry at Navardi Tuned is the most knowledgeable tuner for these engines. My n20 now performs greater and more efficiently; strong, smooth, and consistent!

    Spencer, USA

    Perfect job done by Harrison on my BMW F33 420i engine.

    Very serious, he spared no effort to provide me with top-level programming. Powerful, flexible reactive with maximum reliability.

    I live in France the time difference has never been a problem. Depending on the datalogs produced, I received dozens of updates over several weeks. Excellent follow-up.
    Definitely recommend Navardi Tuned!

    Laurent, France

    The most seamless experience, Harry (the owner) is the most helpful person I've ever met in this industry! I recieved endless support throughout the months before tuning, all the way through the tuning process, and a TON of follow up afterwards. Do not listen to some of the other reviews here on Google, they are spreading serious mis-information. They are all missing the fact that the owner of the troubled vehicle acted negligently in looking after a car that HE decided to tune well above factory specs... seemingly very idiosyncratic to a normal person. Regardless of this, if you want your BMW tuned to make it more enjoyable to drive, or to accompany any modifications you have done to it, you couldn't find a better guy than Harry.

    Ryan, Australia